Revelation (Divided Elements #0.5)


Utopia isn’t for everyone.

Once known as Paris, the walled city-state of Otpor is enjoying a new Golden Age. The horrors of the Singularity and Emancipation forgotten, citizens revel in a veritable utopia of abandon and apathy, all made possible by the Orthodoxy—a new world order where everything is engineered to maximum efficiency, including identities.

But, Lira—conditioned to be a Cleaner—wants something more. Risking detention by the authorities, her thieving ways have put her in contact with an opportunistic scammer and both of them in the path of dangerous secrets about Otpor’s history and its dominant ideology, the Orthodoxy.

In a world where acting outside the predetermined borders of your identity lead you to the execution pillar, Lira’s discoveries threaten to destabilise the carefully constructed order of Otpor and trigger a revolution decades in the making.

Revelation is the standalone origin novella to the subversive dystopian trilogy, Divided Elements.

Perfect for fans of:

Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, Pierce Brown’s Red Rising, and Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451

What’s inside:

  • Themes of identity, betrayal, and resistance against the carnival atmosphere of a dystopian Paris
  • Unlikely pairings
  • Pushing against societal boundaries and constraints
  • Daring to dream

Available as an ebook at:

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